Affidavit on waste and sanitation management in GIDC, Vapi, Gujarat, 26/10/2020

  • 26/10/2020

Affidavit in reply by Notified Area Authority, GIDC, Vapi in the matter of Kirti Desai & Others Vs The Collector Valsad & Others dated 26/10/2020. 

The Notified Area Authority is supplying clean drinking water to 11 villages free of cost. Free filtered water is being supplied in villages of Chirri, Kochvada, Rata, Namdha, Chanod, Karvad, Dungra, Balitha, Charvada, Chanod and Challa through underground pipeline network by Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation. From March 31, 2021 the entire water supply would be taken care of by the Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board. 

The Vapi area is distributed in three parts: 1) Vapi Nagarpalika 2) Vapi GIDC Industrial Area and 3) Vapi Notified Area Authority.

While Vapi town is managed by Vapi Nagarpalika, the industrial/commercial and residential belt of GIDC Vapi is within the ambit of Notified Area Authority. The villages namely Chanod, Charvada, Namdha and Chandor are village panchayat and they have their own mechanism of discharge and solid waste management.

The affidavit deals with the Vapi GIDC belt comprising 1117 hectares of land in which 102 hectares is housing area. There is an integrated gravity based underground pipeline network, created by GIDC for collection of industrial effluent within the GIDC estate. This effluent is taken to the CETP for treatment. The CETP is managed by Vapi Green Enviro Limited.

At present there are no STP in the housing area of the Notified Area. However, a proposal has been forwarded for 2 STPs to be commissioned by 2023. The waste generated within the limits of Notified Area Authority, GIDC is 21 TPD. Around 65-70% of waste generated is segregated at source, collected and transferred to the MSW site.