Fostering Effective Energy Transition

The Energy Transition Index (ETI) is a fact-based ranking intended to enable policy-makers and businesses to plot the course for a successful energy transition.The year 2020 marks the beginning of the “decade of delivery” on energy transition. The ongoing COVID‑19 pandemic has put a stop to business as usual, setting off a chain of events disrupting all sectors – including energy. The current status of the energy transition and progress in multi stakeholder collaboration have been slow to achieve and costly to build, and efforts must be made to ensure the clock is not reset. Resilience, in economic, financial, regulatory and infrastructure terms, is a crucial prerequisite for an effective energy transition.This report presents the findings from the Energy Transition Index (ETI) 2020, summarizing insights on countries’ energy system performance and their energy transition readiness. The indicators reflect trends in the global energy transition leading up to 2020. The circumstances were radically transformed in the first few months of 2020 due to compounded disruptions from COVID‑19. Analysing the drivers of progress in the past can offer lessons for accelerated recovery in the near future.

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