Democratic Republic of Congo: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report #4

On 08/04/2020, 143 confirmed cases were being treated, 39 of which were in health facilities and 104 at home. Of the 104 confirmed cases at home, 68 are being transferred to health facilities. 56 per cent of contacts were followed up. 48 per cent of travelers were followed up. 78 per cent of alerts were investigated in the last 24 hours. The Government of DRC launched its COVID-19 preparedness and response plan on 11 March 2020 (first reported case on 10 March 2020). Daily meetings are organized and chaired by Prof. Muyembe, appointed as coordinator of the COVID-19 response. The Ministry of Health has published a draft preparedness and response plan budgeted for a total amount of US$ 135 million. The Government has set up at the national level, a multi-sectoral response committee for COVID-19 (CMR-COVID-19) and a Technical Secretariat for the coordination of activities that meet daily.