Zimbabwe - extreme levels of food insecurity triggered by a reduced 2019 harvest and high prices that have acutely impeded access to food

  • 14/10/2019
  • FAO

Zimbabwe is facing extreme levels of food insecurity and the situation is likely to deteriorate in the coming months. According to the latest Vulnerability Assessment Committee’s (VAC) evaluation, an estimated 4.7 million people are in need of food assistance between October and December 2019. This number is projected to rise to 5.5 million people during the January to March 2020 period, which would be the highest number on record. The severe food insecurity levels are mainly driven by a steep reduction in the 2019 domestic cereal harvest and significantly high food prices that have resulted in severe food access constraints. In addition, economic difficulties have hampered the country’s ability to access grains from the international market, with further adverse effects on domestic availabilities and prices.