Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding air pollution at Railway Station, Khori, District Rewari, Haryana, 14/08/2019

  • 14/08/2019

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Jail Lal Vs State of Haryana dated 14/08/2019 regarding work of loading and unloading of highly inflammable material such as clinker, gypsum, cement at Railway Station, Khori, District Rewari, Haryana. This has affected the ecology of the area around the railway station and air pollution. An inspection report was filed by the Central Pollution Control Board on February 5, 2019 which suggested measures to control the pollution and which the Tribunal had asked the Railways to implement. But the affidavit filed by the Haryana Pollution Control Board points out that many of the directions have not yet been started.

In view of the above, the NGT directs the Railways to furnish a performance guarantee of an amount of Rs. 50 Lakhs for completing all the works required to be done, especially those pointed out by State PCB in their response to the affidavit of the Railways. Further, the Senior Divisional Commissioner Manager of North-West Railways has been asked to be present before the Tribunal on the next date of hearing.