Bid to revive State forest cover

Young students on Thursday reaffirmed their commitment to save the earth's greenery and contribute towards the welfare of the society under the aegis of Junior Red Cross (JRC). More than 200 students of nine city based schools took part in an adventure trekking and skirted through Kharghuli, Chunnsali and Ramsai Hills, spending almost six hours discovering the hidden secrets of nature. The expedition was flagged off by Dr RDS Tanwar, CCF, Central Assam. Addressing the students, Dr Tanwar stressed the need for reviving the depleting forest covers in the State and called upon the students to come forward and help in the conservation efforts of the Government. He further said that the students could play a major role in the greenery recovery efforts by participating in plantation drives. The skies were clear and presence of the young people at Kharghuli gave a youthful and jovial appearance to the place. What was really wonderful was the enthusiasm of the students that caught the others also. Though the route was lengthy and hilly and the trekkers were totally exhausted, it showed on the bodies and did not dampen the gusto and eagerness for participation in other activities that followed the expedition. "The expedition is part of the JRC's effort to sow the seeds of voluntary service and love for the environment and society in the young mind,' said Rani Pathak Das, co-ordinator of JRC. Rani said that taking the students to the lap of nature helped in changing the perception and inculcating the human values. "In the midst of nature, these young people learn to be good and helpful,' said Rani. The expedition was guided by a six member team of mountaineering experts led by Ajit Kalita. "The interest of the young people in adventure sports is growing in Assam,' said Kalita praising the trekkers. He said that the young people had evinced keen interest about their surrounding and maintained discipline during the expedition. The trekkers later spend the time exchanging pleasantries as well as their ideas with each other. The JRC officials said that the interactive session after the expedition gave the students an opportunity to make new friends and build their confidence.

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