Residents file complaints about trimming of magoo trees in Hulhu-Male

Haveeru 2008-02-20 Residents file complaints about trimming of magoo trees in Hulhu-Male -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | DATE: 2008-02-20 | PRINT | BOOKMARK Some residents of Hulhu-Male' has filed complaints regarding the trimming and cutting down of magoo trees (Scaevola sericea or Goodeniacea) from the shores and other parts of the island. A resident of Hulhu-Male' said on Tuesday that the Hulhu-Male' Development Corporation was cutting down the magoo trees growing between Dhiraagu building and the inhabited areas of the island beginning yesterday. "There were a lot of magoo trees near the shore,' he said. "The trees had grown to a height of around eight to nine feet but now they are being cut down and trimmed. Even now when it gets windy it's impossible to stay indoors since our houses are very near the beach. Now that they've cut down the trees which provide shelter from the wind the sand and dust are blowing right into our houses. Some of the trees had been stripped of all the leaves and only the roots were left behind. It's going to be very difficult for some residents.' Another resident said that because the trees near the beach had been cut and trimmed, those residents living in houses near the beach will have a lot of problem with the salt water blowing into their house by the wind. "An area of around 390 metres has been destroyed,' the man said. "Our houses are almost next to the beach and the doors and windows are made of aluminium. There is bound to be problems. I even contacted the HDC regarding this. The person who answered said that the trees were being cut down due to security reasons. I think that you can enforce security measures without cutting down the trees.' The Director of HDC Suhail Ahmed said that the main reason the trees in the areas were being cut down was because they were growing wild and the areas were turning into jungles. "We just wanted to clear up the area because the trees were just growing wild now,' he said. "And there is the problem of people throwing their garbage into the areas. We can only look after the trees if they are at a manageable size and amount. However these trees will grow shoots and fill out very quickly. This is not a permanent thing.'