Bangalore’s toxic legacy intensifies: status of landfills, waste processing sites and dumping grounds, and working conditions of Pourakarmikas

A wide range of people from all over Bangalore, representing a range of organisations and communities from within the city, peri-urban areas and villages affected by waste disposal, were present when Justice N. Kumar (Retd.), Former Judge of the High Court of Karnataka, released: “Bangalore’s Toxic Legacy Intensifies: Status of Landfills, Waste Processing Sites and Dumping grounds, and working conditions of Pourakarmikas”, a report prepared by Environment Support Group. This report provides a critical framework to evaluate the progress achieved in advancing environmental and social justice of communities impacted by waste handling and disposal, and is prepared to support ongoing efforts to assist the High Court of Karnataka in addressing crises in solid waste management based on concerns raised in various Public Interest Litigations (PILs).