Climate change financing framework: a roadmap to systematically strengthen climate change mainstreaming into planning and budgeting

This document produced by Nepal's Ministry of Finance is centered on the key measures adopted by the Government of Nepal in integrating climate change and climate finance into national planning and budgeting processes. It outlines the reforms already implemented and a road-map for where, how and by when further reforms to government processes and institutional set-ups would occur. Such a framework will facilitate integration of national policies and strategies relating to climate change finance in budgeting process and help the government to channelize all climate projects and streamline investments through the national system for a long-term scaled up approach. Since Nepal is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, a strategic framework for climate investment—and one linked to its national adaptation priorities, in particular—would be highly beneficial. Although the GoN has already adopted different measures to this effect, much more work is still needed. The Nepal Climate Change Financing Framework can serve as the principle instrument for these reforms.