Madagascar - Climate change and health diagnostic: risks and opportunities for climate-smart health and nutrition investment

This report highlights the most prominent climate change impacts facing Madagascar, with a particular emphasis on health, and provides investment relevant solutions to build resilience. Through the establishment of priority interventions to address the identified vulnerabilities, this report links evidence to opportunities for development actors, while providing specific input into the design of a World Bank investment. In doing so, the report builds momentum for the emerging climate and health activities in the country and seeks to facilitate multi-sector dialogue to enhance Madagascar’s policy planning. In Madagascar, climate change is already impacting health, and this damage will continue. Without adequate investment in health sector resilience, recent development gains are likely to be reversed, with serious consequences for Madagascar’s people and environment. Even so, sustainable pathways to a resilient health sector are possible, despite growing evidence of climate change impacts across the country. What is needed is a clear understanding of these pathways to build resilience, taking into account robust projections of the country’s climate and development future.