Working Group on Education: digital skills for life and work

The report observes that in today's broadband society, digital skills are key. The ability to operate a smartphone, navigate the internet, engage in online environments, and organize and safeguard digital information are essential 'literacies', skills and competencies needed by all people. Schools and other educational institutions have had trouble preparing people to thrive in technology-rich environments. They are only beginning to map digital skills and launch initiatives to teach them in ways that are equitable, inclusive and sustainable. The BBC Education Working Group Report examines how the education sector can ensure that all people develop essential digital skills for life and work. It points out that broadband technologies can help accelerate progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals, but only if people know how to leverage them. The Report scans the globe for examples of innovative practice and finds that successful digital skills development depends on a number of factors – including strong government involvement, teacher training, the importance of multi-stakeholder collaborations and local engagement.

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