Human health and adaptation: understanding climate impacts on health and opportunities for action

Climate change presents a risk to health in a variety of ways. The health risks resulting from climate change impacts in countries are changing and the interlinkages between health, climate change and other drivers of global environmental changes are complex and need to be better understood. A large number of activities ranging from policies that are planned and implemented by governments, to various actions undertaken by intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and communities are already under way in order to address climate change impacts on health. However, a number of challenges, particularly with regard to awareness and education, as well as planning, capacity and financial mechanisms continue to limit action on the ground. This document provides a synthesis of information on the impacts of climate change on human health, and on emerging activities, challenges and opportunities for collaborative climate action, including under the Nairobi work programme on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. It is based on the information submitted by Parties, partner organizations and other relevant organizations, and inputs from participants during and after the 10th Focal Point Forum on health and adaptation.

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