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Strategic review of food security and nutrition in Bangladesh

26/10/2016 | World Food Programme

A major independent report emphasises that the Government of Bangladesh and its partners must rally to end hunger and improve nutrition to sustain the country’s remarkable economic trajectory. Led by a team of national experts and guided by a wide range of stakeholders across the country, the report identifies substantial challenges to achieving zero hunger in Bangladesh, and makes recommendations on how to overcome them. Undernutrition already costs Bangladesh more than 1 billion dollars in lost productivity every year and even more in health costs. No country can expect to build a thriving economy on the backs of hungry and undernourished people. Bangladesh has made significant progress since the 1970s, when there was not enough food for everyone in the country. Since then, it has achieved overall food self sufficiency and has had one of the fastest prolonged reductions in child undernutrition in recorded history.


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