Health risk assessment for Bromate (BrO3 – ) traces in ozonated Indian bottled water

For this study, bromide and bromate ions in various commercial brands of Indian bottled water samples were estimated using ion chromatography. The measured mean concentration of bromide and bromate ions in water samples was found to be 28.13 µg/L and 11.17 µg/L respectively. The average level of bromate in Indian bottled water was found to be slightly higher (~ 12%) than the acceptable limits (10 µg/L) recommended by USEPA (US Environmental Protection Agency). Though, kinetically, it is predicted that 62.5% (6.25 µg/L) of bromide in bottled water is needed to convert into bromate upon ozonation to exceed the minimum acceptable limits, but the average formation of bromate determined to be only 26.77% of the predicted concentration.

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