Jammu and Kashmir Draft Policy for Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants-2016

Solar energy offers clean, climate-friendly abundant and inexhaustible energy resource to mankind. The MNRE has also designated Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA) as the nodal agency to undertake the solar rooftop program in the State for the domestic, government, institutional and industrial & commercial sectors through Grid interconnectivity and sale of power to the State Utility (DISCOM) on Net Metering basic. In view of the issuance of draft Regulations on Net metering for Gird Interactive Rooftop Solar PV Systems by Jammu and Kashmir State Electricity Regulatory Commission (JKSERC) and to achieve the target of 450MW by the year 2022 set by the Ministry (MNRE) for the State of J&K, JAKEDA is pleased to notify a draft ‘Policy on net metering for Grid Interactive Roof-Top Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plants’ which shall be effective from the date of is notification in the official Gazette.