Human Development Report 2015: work for human development

Achieving sustainable development will mean changes for the global workforce, according to the 2015 Human Development Report (HDR) report, which focuses on the theme 'Work for Human Development.' The report recommends a broad view of work that includes creative, unpaid care and voluntary work, in order to harness benefits for sustainable development. The report highlights inequalities at the global level, noting that women are less likely to be paid for work than men, and carry out three out of every four hours of unpaid work. Paid women earn 24% less than men, on average, and hold less than 25% of senior business positions globally. Globalization and technological changes are deepening inequalities, the report finds, expanding the types of work available and the ways work is done for highly skilled workers with access to the internet and other technologies, but resulting in fewer opportunities for unskilled workers.

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