Odisha Irrigation (Amendment) Rules, 2015

The Odisha Government has made installation of flow meters mandatory not only for industrial and commercial establishments for withdrawal of water from Government sources but also for the municipal bodies. By amending the Odisha Irrigation Rules, 1961, the Revenue and Disaster Management Department has made it obligatory on part of industrial, commercial and other establishments to measure the volume of water to be drawn from the Government sources. As a yardstick, flow meters will have to be installed failing which the water supply shall not be made and those establishments drawing water in violation will be slapped penal charges six times the rate specified by the Government. While making it mandatory for the commercial bodies, the Government has also made it clear that municipalities, notified area councils and other local authorities will have to install separate flow meters along the pipeline or suitable places to ensure the quantum of water supplied for drinking and washing and other domestic purposes. This measuring device will be in addition to what the commercial establishments has to install. The amended rule also charts out a list of rates applicable for different kinds of activities and provides for licence fees.

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