World wide views on climate and energy

The World Wide Views (WWViews) Alliance has launched the findings of a global citizen consultation on climate change and energy, which sought to determine “how far citizens around the world are willing to go” in the areas of climate action and energy transitions. The consultation, taking place on 6 June 2015, involved approximately 10,000 people in 76 countries. ‘World Wide Views on Climate and Energy' reports that: 78% of people worldwide are very concerned about climate change; 66% consider climate change measures an opportunity to improve quality of life; and 63% feel that “whatever it takes must be done in Paris to keep warming below 2°C.” Themes covered in the report include: climate action; common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities (CBDR-RC); climate finance; and citizen participation. The publication is the result of a project initiated by the UNFCCC, the French National Commission for Public Debate, the Danish Board of Technology Foundation, and French consultancy Missions Publiques, with support from the Government of France. The WWViews on Climate and Energy project aims to provide policy makers with in-depth and credible knowledge of the level of support for climate change and energy-related transitions, in order to address gaps in broader, more general public opinion polls. The project also seeks to: help raise public awareness regarding related challenges and opportunities; set an example of how to increase the legitimacy and transparency of global governance through citizen participation; and provide information for use by politicians in public debates, the media and at the Paris Climate Change Conference.

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