Renewable energy plan by 2030 for Palakkad District, Kerala

The recent renewable energy roadmap released by WWF-India and World Institute of Sustainable Energy (WISE) for the Palakkad District shows that it is both feasible and practical for the district to meet 50 per cent of its energy demand with renewable sources by 2030. The district of Palakkad can make a transition to a 50 per cent Renewable Energy (RE) scenario (including 100 per cent electricity from RE sources), according to the report released at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This district specific report - Renewable Energy Plan by 2030 for Palakkad District, Kerala - provides a vision for a renewable and sustainable energy supply by 2030. The district of Palakkad has a high potential for renewable energy resources, especially wind and solar. This makes the district a very suitable case for an RE-based (off-grid and on-grid) development model. Further, from a land use perspective, the waste land availability in Palakkad can be put to use for RE development. All this suggests that the potential for energy self-reliance based on RE could be practical even in a short- to medium-term scenario.