A fat to forget: Trans fat consumption and memory

The researchers sought to assess the relation of dietary trans fatty acid (dTFA) consumption to word-memory. They analyzed cross-sectional data from the 1999-2005 UCSD Statin Study. Participants were 1018 adult men and non-procreative women age ≥20 without diagnosed diabetes, CVD, or extreme LDL-cholesterol. Primary analyses focused on men, as only men (N = 694) were effectively represented in younger adult ages. “Recurrent words” assessed word memory. dTFA (grams/day) estimates were calculated from the Fred Hutchinson Food Frequency Questionnaire. Regression, stratified at age 45, assessed the relation between memory and dTFA in various adjustment models. Major findings were replicated in the full sample (including women). Potential mediators were examined.

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