Guidelines on techno-economic feasibility of implementation of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) for water polluting industries

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has issued draft ‘Guidelines on Techno – Economic Feasibility of Implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge (Zld) for Water Polluting Industries.’ The guidelines, among other industries, deal with fertilizer sector and distilleries that undertake fertigation, apart from producing organic fertilizers. In a communication to State PCBs, Member Secretary of CPCB says: Implementation of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) in all types of industrial sectors is an important issue and in many sectors, technology wise it is possible and can be achieved. In many cases, Hon’ble Courts/Tribunal are also seeking opinion from regulators about the feasibility and possibilities of its total implementation. Technically in many parts of the country and in many sectors it is being practiced/demonstrated successfully, though the economic aspects are in question.

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