Rivers of conflict or rivers of peace: water sharing between India and China

Prof. Pranab Kumar Ray (Director, Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Research, Kolkata) scrutinises the need for water sharing between India and China, dispels misconceptions and provides a framework for an Integrated Basin Water Management system. India and China can put to planning and management a vast amount of water between them. An amicable arrangement of water utilisation and their basin-wise integrated management will bring economic success to both countries. A friendly settlement relating to water resources of trans-boundary river systems is urgently needed between India, China and their neighbours Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh. India and China are the two major stakeholders for water resources of South Asia and can help uplift the economies of these smaller countries. The two can show the way forward for friendly integrated water management and develop unique precedents of rational practices for mutual upliftment through sharing and peaceful use of water.

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