• 29/06/1995
  • WHO

Hailed till recently as a model of efficiency and productivity, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is reeling under a barrage of criticism today. A UN-commissioned review of its operations has reported that the agency "suffers from illness of a cultural type" which would take years to cure. The 2-volume confidential document is based on interviews with 350 of the UNICEF's 7000-strong staff. The problems stem from discontent amongst the staff. "Staff attitudes are among the worst the consultants have seen in any social or industrial entity in many years," is the verdict.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is crying out for more cash. At its annual assembly held in Brussels in mid-May, a budget of US $922 million was approved for 1996-97, repesenting a nominal increase of 2.5 per cent against the 16.2 per cent which the organisation had asked for to keep pace with inflation and compensate for the weaker dollar.

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