Karnataka Industrial Policy 2014-19: final draft

Now, the state intends to consolidate the strategies and achievements made so far by intensifying governance reforms, ensuring effective targeting of subsidies and better monitoring, and instituting a process of informed decision making through independent evaluation. One such key initiative is the formulation of a new Industrial Policy 2014-19 that will encourage investors and entrepreneurs to develop market, bring in technology and provide employment opportunities and spread industrialization and development to the most backward areas of the state. In this policy, the government has envisioned undertaking a holistic approach towards promotion of industrial development in the State through development of human & natural resources, creation of new employment opportunities, increasing share of industry in the State GDP, development of MSME sector and promotion of skill development and entrepreneurship. Apart from the providing special incentives to the industry, Government of Karnataka is also committed to providing right infrastructure and business environment. Ensuring availability of quality Land, Water, Power and Labour is the top priority of the state.

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