Energizing green cities in Southeast Asia: applying sustainable urban energy and emissions planning

Energizing Green Cities in Southeast Asia: Applying Sustainable Urban Energy and Emissions Planning lays out a blueprint for transforming EAP cities to global engines of green growth by choosing energy-efficient solutions to their infrastructure needs. It urges national and municipal governments to reform institutions, build capacity, and strengthen energy planning and governance in order to mainstream energy efficiency on a citywide scale and to introduce low-carbon policies in fast-growing cities in the EAP Region that will define the region’s energy future and its GHG footprint. The report is based on case studies undertaken in three pilot cities—Cebu City (the Philippines), Da Nang (Vietnam), and Surabaya (Indonesia). The case studies illustrate the use of an energy efficiency platform—Sustainable Urban Energy and Emissions Planning (SUEEP)—for identifying and prioritizing green investments across all major infrastructure sectors. The report presents the SUEEP process as a framework for collaboration among municipal governments, stakeholders, private investors, and financing institutions in achieving green growth objectives at the city level.