Park vs pump

the residents of Municipal Corporation of Delhi's ( mcd) flats at Soami Nagar have accused the Delhi Development Authority ( dda ) of allotting a plot of land to the Indian Oil Corporation ( ioc ) for building a petrol pump on a piece of land that was earmarked for a park. The plot is situated adjacent to their colony boundary. The residents feel that there is no need for the pump because two pumps already exist near the site. They add that a third pump will lead to more traffic congestion.

The ioc started constructing the pump in 1998. K D Akolia, deputy commissioner mcd and a resident of the area, wrote to the then lieutenant governor ( l-g ) Tejendra Khanna about the construction in June 1998. He urged that the construction be stopped because mature trees were also being cut. Reacting to this, joint-director dda B C Prashar cancelled the allotment of the pump and communicated the same to the divisional manager ioc . Much to the surprise of the residents, two months ago, the construction was resumed.

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