Report of the standing committee on finance to the Conference of the Parties

This report contains information and recommendations on the work of the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) in 2013, including: its 3rd meeting, held from 8 to 10 March 2013; its 4th meeting, held from 15 to 17 June 2013; and its 5th meeting, held from 27 to 30 August 2013, which all took place in Bonn, Germany. The report also contains: a list of the members of the SCF; the report on the first forum of the SCF; draft arrangements between the Conference of the Parties and the Green Climate Fund (GCF); the outcome of the discussions on the draft updated guidelines for the fifth review of the financial mechanism of the Convention; elements of draft guidance to the Global Environment Facility; elements of draft initial guidance to the GCF; the objective and scope of, and a tentative timeline for, the first biennial assessment and overview of climate finance flows; and the workplan of the SCF for 2014–2015.

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