Technology roadmap: carbon capture and storage

This Roadmap is an update of the 2009 IEA CCS Technology Roadmap. The energy landscape has shifted between 2009 and 2013 and new insights into the challenges and needs of CCS have been learned. This CCS roadmap aims at assisting governments and industry in integrating CCS in their emissions reduction strategies and in creating the conditions for scaled-up deployment of all three components of the CCS chain: CO2 capture, transport and storage. To get us onto the right pathway, this roadmap highlights seven key actions needed in the next seven years to create a solid foundation for deployment of CCS starting by 2020. These near-term actions are directly relevant for government and industry decision-makers today. Perhaps the most critical task is to create business cases for the uptake of CCS. This will require decisive action from governments, but also continued engagement of the industry in a long term perspective.

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