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Integration of climate adaptation into development and conservation planning in Bhutan: issue identification and recommendations

During the last three years, the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform (AKP) has worked towards building bridges between existing knowledge on adaptation to climate change and the governments, agencies and communities that need this knowledge to inform their adaptation to the impacts of climate change, while working to reduce poverty and sustain the environment. AKP’s work has been carried out following three key objectives: Promoting dialogue and improving the exchange of knowledge, information and methods within and between countries on climate change adaptation, and linking existing and emerging networks and initiatives; Generating new climate change adaptation knowledge, promoting understanding and providing guidance relevant to the development and implementation of national and regional climate change adaptation policy, plans and processes focused on reducing vulnerability and strengthening the resilience of the poor and women, the most vulnerable segments of society in many parts of Asia; Synthesizing existing and new climate change adaptation knowledge and facilitating its application in sustainable development and poverty reduction practices at the local, national and regional levels. This publication is a result of these objectives.