Ayurveda to the rescue

Ayurveda to the rescue THE Indian Proctology Society in Orissa has succeeded in finding an ayurvedic cure for filaria and elephantiasis. Lakhs of people are afflicted by these two deformities in the coastal regions of Balasore, Puri and Ganjam. The society is curing both the diseases with the help of 'leech', a water insect. The, patients of filaria and elephantiasis are usually treated through the 'process of elimination', in which waste-blood, extra flesh with pus is extracted through different methods. But if the leech is administered on the affected', area of filaria/ elephantiasis, it sucks the bad blood to the tune of five to 10 ml in one sitting. Patients can be administered with five to 10 leeches which can suck about 100 ml of bad blood at a time. Later on, turmeric and salt are used to remove the leech. The society has successfully cured about 15 patients by this indigenous method. The patient needs at least 20 such sittings with leech for a complete cure.