Tatas in the dock

the Tata Power Company Ltd has been issued notices by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (mpcb) for alleged violation of environmental norms at the company's Trombay station in Mumbai. According to the mpcb, the temperature of the water being discharged in the sea is much higher than the consented limits. The Board pointed out that the water released from the plant will effect the marine life.

The Board further alleged that the company has failed to provide a temperature indicator-cum-recorder despite being directed to do so and has not provided a proper cooling pond. However, the vice-president of the Trombay power station D G Mera refuted the allegations. Accor-ding to him, the temperature was measured in the canal which carries the water into the sea rather than in the sea itself.

mpcb also said the plant has been generating a substantial amount of domestic effluent and discharging it against the conditions of the consent order given to them in 1996. It stated that the company has also not provided a well designed plant for sewage treatment.

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