In short

  • 14/07/2007
  • FAO

waste proposal: Argentina will use alternatives to waste incineration. A government plan calls for a ban over incineration as a treatment and disposal technology, including use of waste as input to produce energy.' Waste incineration emits toxics like dioxins and furans. Argentina has several incinerators of industrial, medical and urban waste under operation.

managing fish genes: As a part of its campaign to conserve genetic resources, the UN has now turned its focus to fish. un fao said most of the world's fisheries are fully exploited or in decline, and their production levels have reached a plateau. By 2030, an additional 40 million tonnes of fish per year will be needed to meet global demands. It said that aquaculture, which provides for 44 per cent of all fish eaten, is a practical way to meet this demand.

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