Scheme watch

AN ALLOCRION of Rs 48.7Q crore has been made by the government of Haryana to execute flood contrAschemes in various parts of the state. Minister of state for irrigation, Attar Singh Saini, recently told mediapersons that these schemes would pay special attention to water logging and erosion caused by flood waters. Saini emphasised that the government of Haryana has taken steps to ensure the supply of canal water to the 'tail-end' villages of the state. Out of 1,462 tails, canal water has already been supplied to 1,400 tails.

Accompanied by officials of the irrigation department, the minister under- took an inspection of the existing number of flood control measures employed to check the fury of the river Yamuna and other drains (nullahs) passing though the district of Sonepat. Last year, the flood waters had bypassed stone studs constructed by the irrigation department at the Memarpur and Bega complexes on the Yamuna as the authorities acted in time. This year, the stone studs are being strengthened.

Saini inspected the diversion Drain no 8 on the river where desilting and deweeding work was in progress to increase its capacity to carry more flood water during this monsoon.

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