Monitoring and streamlining convergence of NREGS with other ongoing schemes in three pilot districts in Uttarakhand

In 2008, the Ministry of Rural Development issued guidelines on convergence of MNREGA with other development programmes and schemes to enable creation of durable assets and strengthen the livelihood resource base of the rural poor. In the framework for convergence, the role of NREGS is to provide the primary input for natural resource generation. Backward and forward linkages, as required, are to be created for enhancement, sustainability and utilization of the natural resources for generation of livelihoods and their upgradation. Pilot districts have been selected in every state for convergence work. The districts of Champawat, Pauri Garhwal and Nainital are three pilot districts selected in Uttarakhand. In the pilot phase the district of Champawat has been selected for convergence with schemes of Ministry of Water Resources and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. The district of Nainital is a pilot for convergence with schemes of the Ministry of Water Resources The district of Pauri is a pilot for convergence with schemes of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Districtwise reports give the profile of the district, profile of MNREGA in district including convergence initiatives, observations and findings.