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A well-preserved fossil of primitive lemur Darwinius masilla, nicknamed Ida is believed to represent the point from which the group of monkeys, apes and humans (anthropoids) evolved. The fossil lacks the traits which characterize a modern lemur, a non-human primate. Instead it has a bone in the ankle that has a human-primate shape and it has thumbs, toes and fingernails, not claws. This find has been reported in the May 19 issue of PloS One and is being regarded as the missing link between human-primates and non-human primates. However, this has created a controversy as some scientists are of the view that sufficient number of mixed characteristics do not exist for it to represent the divergence point of the two types of primates.

environmental sciences
Calculated wrong

Projections by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, usa, suggest that the temperature rise due to global warming might be double of what was earlier predicted. The increase could be as much as 5.2

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