EU resumes aid payments to a more democratic Guinea

EU resumes aid payments to a more democratic Guinea Ending a three-year halt in providing aid, the European Union (eu) recently resumed aid payments to the West African nation of Guinea. The eu had earlier given the country around us $152 million for development. Part of the aid was frozen in 2002 over the country's lack of political stability, with a complete ban in 2003. It was also to pressure the country to open its broadcasting sector to private competition.

In 2005, the Guinea government ended state control over information by setting up independent media outlets. Earlier this month an independent electoral commission was also set up. Both these steps paved the way for the resumption of payments.

Part of the aid is meant for construction of roads and health, water and education sectors.The eu will give around us $153 by next year and a larger amount later but only on the condition that the country holds "free and fair' legislative elections in spring 2007.