Medical specialists from 75 countries of the world gathered recently, in the city of Marrakesh to participate in the first world congress on maternal mortality with a view to mitigate the phenomenon. Congress spokesperson Badr Tazi told Reuters just before the congress began, "The main objective is to examine in detail the maternal mortality issue in the developing world and draw up an active plan of support for areas which lack basic health infrastructure."

Tazi, a medico from the Moroccan town of Temara, said in Africa, maternal mortality was "a real tragedy which needs an urgent solution". Abderrahim Baroudi, professor and paediatrician, said, "Most of the deaths are from obstetric causes such as haemorrhage, and an unsafe childbirth environment."

According to the World Society on Labor and Delivery, of the one million women that die during childbirth annually, most deaths occur in Africa and southern Asia."From my point of view, the Marrakesh meting could be a launching pad for a worldwide campaign to alert public opinion on risks surrounding childbirth and the minimum care women need to avoid disaster," added Baroudi.

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