Environment impact assessment for integrated Kashang hydroelectric project (243 mw) of Himachal Pradesh

The need for the integrated Kashang HEP, located in the Sutluj basin which stores 9412 MW power potential being 46% of the total hydro power potential of the state, has therefore been considered in context of power shortage in Northern Region. The discharge characteristics of Kashang and Kerang khads is also favourable with unique parameter i.e. the difference between the minimum and maximum discharge is less due to the orientation of their catchment whose major portion is permanent snow cover resulting into more winter discharge. Thus capability of boosting the availability of power during winter when the power demand is at its peak. Thus integrated Kashang HEP with an installed capacity of 195 MW in Kashang powerhouse and 48 MW in Kerang powerhouse presents itself an attractive scheme for statutory clearance and development.

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