Bringing clean energy to rural India: a case study of the Bagepalli CDM biogas project

In many of the contemporary CDM projects see that community development is simply an afterthought, if it is indeed considered at all. By contrast, the Bagepalli biogas CDM project is an example of a grassroots level project resulting in tangible benefits for the rural community. The project has benefited 5500 poor households in the Kolar district of Karnataka. The key to the success of this project has been the active involvement of the local community. In the following case study focuses on the sustainable development and community involvement aspects of the Bagepalli Biogas CDM project. The paper also studies and analyzes various NGO models of involvement in CDM projects and it tries to identify the keys to scaling up a NGO promoted CDM project by briefly comparing the Bagepalli project with the Nepal Biogas support program.