Wedding alarm

The Supreme Court has ruled that so long as a person is not cured of impotency or a disease like AIDS, his right to me" cannot be enforced by a court of law. He is also not entitled to compensation from the hospital which has disclosed his/her state of health to his fiancee.

A Nagaland doctor had sought compensation from the Chennal-based Apollo Hospital which had found that he was an HIV-positive patient and disclosed it to the would-be bride's family. The marriage was called off imme. iiiately. A division bench comprising Justice Saghir Ahmed and Justice B N Kirpal said: 'in this situation, the right to marry and duty to inform about his ailment are vested in the same person." The court said; "As long as the person is not cured of the communicable venereal disease or impotency, the right to marry cannot be enforced through a court of law and shall be treated as a suspended right.'

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