Air is Dense

  • 14/11/1997

It is estimated that nearly 52,000 people died prematurely in 36 Indian cities due to high levels of SPM in 1995, a rise of 28 per cent from more than 40,000 in 1991-92

The number of sicknesses requiring medical assistance and hospital admissions in these cities due to high levels of SPM is estimated to have increased from 19 million in 1991-92 to 25 million in 1995

In Delhi and Mumbai, the transport sector is the chief contributor of the smaller, deadlier particles such as PM10 and PM2.5

Despite scientific evidence of the danger posed by the smaller particles, authorities have failed to generate any information on their levels in Indian cities

In Agra, the closure of a thermal power plant has led to wide-scale use of diesel power generators that are important contributors of PM10 and PM2.5

While data provided by the Central Pollution Control Board says that SPM levels have decreased in Pune, Bhopal and Agra from 1991-92 to 1995, residents and experts say that the pollution has increased

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