Women wisdom

  • 14/08/2001

Our stock brokers can learn a few things about rising and falling prices from the Rabha tribe. Sheetin Rabha is a dynamic and wise women. Her group of 24 members decided to invest and took Rs 600 from their deposits and purchased 480 kg of rice. The price of paddy was low when they procured the paddy. So they did not sell it. They did not just stock it as is done in many water-shed grain storehouses. They distributed the paddy among the members and after a stipulated period, will return one and half times more than the amount taken.

Hence, the paddy stock increases over time. The 480 kg has increased to 720 kg and now they will sell it at a higher price in the Dhupguri market. The profit is coupled, higher market price of paddy along with an increased paddy stock to sell.

The wisdom of women is reflected in Salima's case too. Salima belongs to Madhya Saptabari, a village 10 km away from the Bangladesh border. This woman can start a diesel machine on her own without any external help. Salima is not alone. Most of the women in this village are involved in mulberry cultivation, harvesting tobacco and pig rearing. During a recent workshop on irrigation systems, the women members of a group in the village came out with a very good blueprint for irrigation management system.

These women are good at business investments too. Urmila Adhikary, a member of one of the women groups, has lent her land to her group for two years. "In return, I have taken Rs 12,000 which I needed for the marriage of my sister-in-law,' she says. The women group is using the field for cultivation and has already earned Rs 10,000. After two years, Urmila will get her land back without paying any interest.

Women groups are playing a major role in creating a sustainable society and making the lives of their families better. These women have come to the forefront and are scripting success stories.

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