• Tornadoes kill 22, injure hundreds in US

    Tornadoes killed at least 22 people and injured hundreds as they ripped through communities in the central and south-eastern United States over the weekend. Authorities said 14 people died in Missouri, six in Oklahoma and two in Georgia as the storms tracked a course from the border of Kansas and Oklahoma on Saturday into Georgia on Sunday, destroying homes, overturning cars, blocking roads, downing power lines and uprooting trees.

  • Food Price Hikes Fuel Anti-Ethanol Moves In US

    Missouri is considering rolling back a mandate supporting ethanol production amid growing outrage over rising prices for food and livestock feed. Less than four months ago, ethanol supporters were celebrating implementation of a Missouri law requiring gasoline sold throughout the state contain 10 percent ethanol. The law, passed in 2006, took effect Jan. 1. But now, in the face of growing criticism of the nation's ethanol-friendly policies, Missouri may be among the first to back away from ethanol supports.

  • Missouri dying

    degradation of the natural Missouri river ecosystem is clear and continuing, says a new report from the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences. Chairperson of the committee

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